Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats Hacks For Unlimited Free Gems Coins in 2019

hill climb racing 2 hack

14 Best Cheats For Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill climb racing 2 is the updated version of the user’s popular original hill climb racing by Fingersoft. It is a car racing game which rides through the mountains, bridges and bumpy roads and the user have to save himself from falling off the car or hitting the ground and keep earning coins and gems along the way.

hill climb racing 2 hack tool

Hill climb racing 2 unlimited coins and fuel is the prime source of winning strategy. However, there is no Hill climb racing 2 cheats that give you such status. As a result, you might urge to know some tips that can save your unnecessary spending of coins and gems.

In the current article, we will be facilitating you with those tips that can minimise your spending of coins and gems. Also, these tricks can be essential to keep in mind while willing the various championships of the game.

Top 14 Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats And Hack to know in 2019

1. Choose a car wisely

The better car will lead you to win more coins. It will be best to select the perfect vehicle for you that can give you more stability and control. Jeep is the starter A-tier car that comes as the first option and can be upgraded to Super jeep as B tier.

use cars wisely


It is the most popular and loved vehicles by many of the users that have the potential to win challenges. As you earn more coins and gems, you can choose more expensive cars for the next levels. But the primary method of hill climb racing 2 cheats is to stick to the older vehicle till the new vehicle gets the desired update.

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2. Upgrade Your Vehicle

As the levels increases, your opponent’s car will upgrade so you have to be wise while improving your vehicle as you earn coins. To keep winning steadily and at a fast pace, you have to keep upgrading your vehicle as an excellent vehicle will help you make more coins quickly.

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There are four kinds of update available. Our hill climb racing 2 hack is to keep a balance on upgrading the vehicle. As you reach new levels, you can choose a right and expensive car.

3. Customise Your Car

You can change the colour of your vehicle or the engine of the car by just clicking on the ‘upgrade parts’ option. Anything you want to add to your car can be done. You can fully customise the vehicle in your way, but the driver’s cloth will remain the same.

hill climb racing 2 hack tool

However, our hill climb racing 2 hack is not to spend any coin in customisation of superficial items until you have a sufficient amount of additional coin.

4. Smooth Landings

Driving on hills, crossing bridges and bumpy roads can make you fall off the car and spoil your game. To earn more coins, you have to practice to land smoothly, putting both of your wheels on the ground.

Land Smoothly

Smooth Landings Important

Once you learn to drive smoothly on these bumpy roads and land correctly, your coins will start increasing. Your gas and brake are the two most important part that helps you keep balancing the vehicle. Our hill climb racing 2 cheats in this regard is to adjust these two gear while on the air to achieve a smooth landing.

5. Do Not Fall

The perfect tip of not getting out of the game is to try not to fall. Once your head hit the ground by falling, you will lose and have to start again. The endless ‘adventure’ and the multiplayer race cups are the two separate modes in this game.

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The only strategy for being alive in the game is not hitting your head on the ground. Every time you fall, you will be back to the level and start again. So the hill climb racing 2 hack is to make sure not to drop even if you have to drive slow.

6. Avoid the Traps And Bumps.

You have to understand your path you are driving and make sure to avoid all the bumps and traps that can lead you to a crash. The hill climb racing 2 hack is, the less you crash and drive carefully, the more will be your chances to earn coins. To defeat your opponent, you have to avoid all the traps which will be waiting for you along the way. Every crash will minimise your speed up to 10 seconds.

7. Details Along the Way

Next is about the small details and hints along the way which is most handy among hill climb racing 2 cheats to earn more coins. The second version of the game comparatively has excellent graphics which gives more clear hints.

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While playing adventure mode, note down all the small details as these can benefit you with a lot of coins throughout your journey. Ignore all the details if you are in the race mode as it will not give you any benefit.

8. Try to win more races and do fewer tricks

Flipping the car and doing stunts are appraised by many players during the race, but it will not add any other rewards besides that. Our hill climb racing 2 cheats is to avoid all such tricks that have the potentiality to lose the game.

Win Races

Try to Win Races

To ensure more coins make sure to earn more races. The more races you win, the more coins will be added to your scorecard.

9. Your opponents never die.

Only you will die or get out of the game if you crash to someone else, but your opponents never get out of the game. Always keep in mind this Hill climb racing 2 cheats. The opponents are allowed to crash but not you.

If you hit, your game will be over; but if your opponent accidents they do not lose. They will again enter the game after reviving themselves. So even if you find some of your opponent crashing, do not be in the perception that they are out of the game.

10. Use fuel carefully in the adventure mode.

In the endless adventure mode, you have to make sure that you are not taking much time thinking where to go as the fuel meter is still going on even when you do not move. The hill climb racing 2 cheats in this respect is quite straightforward.

hill climb racing 2 hack tool

You have to pick up every single container you come across during your journey. Whereas in the race/cup mode, you do not have to worry about the fuel as the mission is not significant. Until and unless you are already out of fuel before the journey, do not worry.

11. Ranked and Unranked Mode

When you play in the ranked mode, your rank will increase or decrease according to the rankings you receive. The benefit of playing ranked matches is you will be classified according to your score not what others score. For instance, you will enter the silver, once you earn 10000+ points, not what other players you defeated or anything else. If you are a beginner, it will be better if you start with unranked mode.

12. The RPM display

While playing, you will see 3 meters on the screen, one is fuel meter, second is speedometer, and the third is RPM. Below the RPM, a number appears in yellow, which indicates the current distance to the finishing line in the cups /race mode and the total length in the endless adventure mode you have travelled.

Cheats for hill climb racing 2 is to keep an eye always on this meters as to know the additional fuel required for balance distance.

13. The gold medal at the cup race mode

A gold medal appears at the finishing line of the cup race when you are playing the red ‘win 10 races’ and about to win. The badge will not emerge at the finishing line if you have unlocked your daily chest already. This medal will add one new race that will open the chest you are playing for.

14. Open Chests

While playing the game, you will earn a lot of coins and gems along your way, but these are not much for the upgrades. To unlock more levels, you need to open more chests. These chests will make you earn thousands of coins, gems, and other rewards.

Cheats for hill climb racing 2 is to collect the chest and open it in its actual time. There is an option to unlock the chest by viewing an ad. However, it is found that the free items received after opening at the appropriate time are much better than that received instantly.

What are Hill Climb Racing 2 Unlimited Coins and Fuel Generator?

How to hack hill climb racing 2? When this is the ultimate question in your mind, then you will leave no stone unturned. This psychological concept has given rise of some sites that claim to provide you with Hill Climb Racing 2 unlimited coins and fuel through their sophisticated hack of the game server.

hill climb racing 2 coins gems generator

Example of Generator

Another funny thing is hill climb racing 2 mod apk. These are modified files of the game that do not have any connection with original game or game update.

We have exposed these sites many times and urge you to get rid of this Generator fever. These sites do not produce any result but waste your valuable time. In return, you spend a considerable time on their site page, and they get the average time spent ranking higher. Strictly get away from these sites and never download any hill climb racing 2 mod apk.

Final Words

An addictive game that has changed the complete mobile gaming platform is the initial version of hill climb racing. The second part has also attained similar popularity. Our list of hill climb racing 2 cheats in these respect are entirely aimed at a legitimate gameplay mode and will save your coins and gems from getting wasted.

You must have understood by now that the main objective of the game is to perfectly balance your coins and fuel so that there is a balance of your level can be maintained. Developers have minutely designed this game to keep an equilibrium. If you find the article useful, do not forget to share your thoughts.

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