Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats Hacks to Earn Free Coins Gems

plants vs zombies 2 cheats

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats

After the mega hit of its predecessor, Plant Vs Zombies 2 has been launched to bring some exciting new tasks to the users.  The best part of this game is it’s completely free, though it offers you some In-App Purchases that are optional. In the game, you have to plant sunflowers and defend yourselves from the Zombies in this game and unlock new levels.

plants vs zombies hack tool
We will provide you with some simple Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats and hacks that can help you earn more coins and gems. So read the article and save the world from the infection of Zombies.

12 Best Plants vs Zombies 2 Cheats Hack You Must Know in 2019

1. Boost your Sunflower power

Sunflowers are essential in this game. You have to keep a good amount of sunflowers in your garden to upgrade all your plant purchasing and defend from zombies.  The primary Plants vs Zombies 2 hack is to keep at least two rows of sunflowers at every level and cover it with potato mines.

plants vs zombies hack

Boost Sunflower

Sunflowers are the sources of sunlight so place them at the back of your garden to have protection from Zombies.

2. Plant wisely when short of supplies

At some levels, you will be out of money or out of plants, and you have to choose your plants cautiously. Our Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats say to use plants that have an area of effect attacks so they can cover the whole lawn at the moment.

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There are several plants like snapdragons, threepeater, etc. which can make the most out of it for you. Use plants which have significant effects against Zombies.

3. Always place Rooftop catapult

Next, of our Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats are to Plant at least one rooftop catapult in your garden. These rooftop plants will help you in defeating zombies. There are many rooftop plants available like melon-pult, cabbage- pult and kernel-pult.

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These rooftop plants attack the Zombies on the screen when plant food is given to them. The most popular rooftop catapult among users is the Kernel – pult as it releases butter on the Zombie which immobilizes them, which results in giving you more time to plan your next move.

plants vs zombies hack tool

4. Understand the Zombie pattern

Strategies are essential to deal with zombies. Always remember that Zombies attack in patterns. When you play for the first time, figure out everything and all the patterns. Note all the patterns of Zombies, how they attack, when the attacks and from where they come.

For instance, if they come from the 1st lane, then 4th lane and then 5th lane then try the level again and arrange your plants according to them. When your Zombies arrive from those lanes again, and your plants will take care of them at the very moment.

5. Use Kernel Pult against seagull Zombies

Kernel pult is the best tool to fight against seagull zombies. Seagull Zombies are hard to defeat as they fly over the sea and attack their targets. As you read earlier, kernel pult is the most potent rooftop plant which can trounce Zombies.  So always use Kernel pult to deal with them.

6. Finish the treasure Yeti level

In the Yeti treasure level, you have to kill the Yeti and finish the level only then you can get the treasure.  In this level, you are supposed to deal with Yeti first, after killing him finish the other tasks to get the treasure. Do not assume that you have to kill the Yeti and the treasure will be yours. When you can kill him, you will get numerous rewards.

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7. Replay treasure Yeti level

If you are about to lose the treasure yeti level, you should play wisely by escaping the level. When you restart the level, you can get the chance again to make new strategies to defeat the Yeti.

complete yeti level

Whenever you think you cannot knock Yeti down at a point and you will lose your treasure, click the restart button and your level will be refreshed.  But do not let Yeti escape at any cost.

8. Bonk Choy and Spike weeds to deal with the Last Stand III

Bonk Choy and spikeweeds are viral weapons to survive against the pirate world in the Last Stand III. You do not have to look out for any other option in the pirate world after using these tools. Zombies cannot damage spikeweeds so they can finish the whole level without getting eaten. If by chance, any Zombie makes it to the last, the Bank Choy will do the rest.

plants vs zombies hack tool

9. Relaunch the app to get good cards at the Purple Level

In the purple world level, you will be given a set of cards to choose what you want to deal with at the next level. If you don’t like the cards, relaunch the app to get a good set of cards. All you need to do is, go to the home button and double click the Plant vs Zombie 2 icon and kill the app.

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After killing the app, relaunch the app and a new deck will be given in front of you.

10. Plant food for instant attacks

If you need immediate action and your plants are refreshing, use plant food to get instant attacks by them. This Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats works well with coconut cannons. It is beneficial when you need instant helps from plants, but your plants are in the refresh mode.

However, it would not wake them up for too long. They will attack and get back to refresh themselves.

11. Unlock new levels be replaying levels

Keep playing the older levels as much as you can if you cannot clear new levels quickly. It is the best Plants vs Zombies 2 hack.  This process can help you earn more coins by replaying, which will make the Zombies provide with more keys for the new levels. Grinding will help you unlock new levels and more coins by clearing the same levels again and again. This process may take time, but it will help you get keys to more levels.

12. Wall-nut and potato duo

Wall-nut is the best barriers to protect from Zombies. When you combine both potato mine and Walnut, zombies will be trapped. Plants vs Zombies 2 hack is, always plant potato mines in front of walnut plants to get 100% security by blocking Zombies.

It will help you knock down multiple Zombies together. Spikeweeds and walnuts are also a good combo for trapping Zombies between them. Plant both Walnut and potato mine in all the rows even if it is not required.

Beware about Plants Vs Zombies 2 Gems Generator!! They Are Fake

As we have promised in this article that we will provide some Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats that will help you to go ahead with the levels of Plant Vs Zombie 2 without spending much of coins and gems, similarly some of the sites are promising you to provide with plants vs zombies unlimited sun. Who is more reliable to you? Before you decide, you must know the reality of these sites.

plants vs zombies 2 coins gems generator

Example of Generator

All these sites claim to own complicated software hacks and cheats for Plants Vs Zombie 2, and they know how to hack Plant Vs Zombies 2 game server. Otherwise, when the developers have only one option to earn from the user, they will give away that to some cheap hack. In reality, they are nothing but some tricky player.

Through their hypnotism of generators and Plants vs Zombies 2 mod apk, they only attract users to land upon their site so that they get enough traffic. Also, through human verification, they collect information, which they can use for earning money.


When the world is in the apocalypse, the plants are the only saviour to humankind from that danger. Based on this concept, Plant Vs Zombie 2 is another game that keeps you thinking about the real strategy in RPG game genre.

Our Plants vs Zombies 2 cheats are convenient in this regard to provide you with some game plan hack so that you can go ahead in the game without making any in-app purchase. Whatever the gaming community says, you will understand that it is not a pay to win the game if you follow our Plants vs Zombies 2 hack.

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