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simcity buildit cheats

SimCity Buildit – a game that is released in 2014 and still dominating the simulation game market must have some extraordinary feature. After playing the game for a long time, we decided to share our experience on how to earn free unlimited simoleons and simcash using simple simcity buildit hack which can be leaglly used in the game.

I am going to reveal the real fact- I have been playing the game without spending. If you are new, you must be overwhelmed with our following SimCity buildit Cheats.

Top 15 SimCity Buildit Cheats to Play and Earn Simoleons & Simcash

Simoleons are the standard game currency that helps you in making day to day purchases in Sim City Buildit. There are multiple ways to collect the Simoleons from the gameplay. Following are the SimCity buildit tips for managing SimCity buildit unlimited everything.

  • Earn maximum taxes from your citizens
  • Receive rewards from the building upgrades.
  • Take part in trade to receive Simoleons.
  • Grab different deals to collect the SimCity buildit free Simoleons.

Simoleons are essential if you want to move your city at any aspect. After you collect the Simoleons, you need to spend them cautiously to make a steady income and keep your city smile. Though the following SimCity buildit hack you can earn more Simoleons as well as make optimum spending of them.

1. Expand Your Residential Zone

In SimCity Buildit, the primary objective that you have to keep always in your bucket list is to achieve the maximum number of the citizen as per your level. As you reach a new level, you will have a cap of citizens that you can have. Always build the structures that expand your citizen cap at the first instance. Building homes and upgrading them earn Simoleons and that is the easiest way to improve your levels fast. But do not play the game with SimCity buildit mod apk.

2. Earn More Taxes

When you create more places for living, you will get more taxes from your Sims. There is no direct linking of your SimCity buildit free Simoleons collection with the population. It is controlled through the gameplay. But as you build more zones, the tax income increases.

3. Create More Landmarks

Apart from residence, you have to create more facilities like a park and amusement items. Parks are the essential SimCity buildit hack to increase the city population as well. You will find other landmark buildings that will create satisfaction and increase the cap. But to not get carried away and but what you have in your store. Check the result of building each item before you decide to build it.

4. Keep Your Sims Happy

These additional structures can deliver the highest satisfaction to your Sims. Unless Sims are delighted they may leave your city, and your taxes will reduce. You will find a smiley at the left upper corner, which is the indication of the satisfactions of the Sims in your city.

When you see the colour of the smiley changing you must take things seriously and listen to the suggestions. You will find bubbles popping up that will suggest the need for Sims. You must fulfil them to keep the Sims in your city and not to force them to find another place to stay.

Here we will suggest you stay away from SimCity buildit hack apk so that all your functions run appropriately.

5. Try to Build Expensive Utility Buildings

Utility buildings are an essential part for your city, and you will require power, water, waste management, controlled net and other facilities to run your city. At the advanced stage, these utility buildings will take a lot of spaces, and you need to manage them. SimCity buildit hack tool is to use higher utility buildings o that you can get more supply of them using the minimal space.

6. Try Optimum Use of Space

Space is quite costly in SimCity Buildit, and also the expansion of areas requires huge Simoleons. You need to work on very cautiously about your space requirements. Conservation of your space to maximise your citizen number is, therefore, another challenging task.

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As your city grows the best SimCity buildit hack tool to recover spaces is to bulldoze some roads and rebuilt it. The road construction does not cost you any additional Simoleons, and you can reconstruct it free.

7. Keep Your Industrial Zone Running

The next SimCity buildit cheats to earn more Simoleons is to keep your industrial area active all the time. Industrial buildings produce products that are required to create houses and upgrading them. So you need to pay attention that your city expansion plan does not get stalled due to lack of resources.

The factories produce metals, woods, seeds, plastic and minerals. These are used to create the final product required for your city. But there is a SimCity buildit hack to be kept in mind. You have specific storage capacity, and you must not fill in your storage, producing a similar kind of materials. You have to keep a stock of all the stuff you require at any time.

8. Use Your Break Time

Timing is another essential factor that makes a test of your simulation skills. Different materials take different time to produce. Optimisation of your schedule is therefore needed at its very best. My SimCity buildit hack to generate higher time taking elements is straightforward. Simply start the production when you are willing to take a break. The production will run while you are away from the game, so in your next login, you will receive the product.

9. Use Your Trading Post Smartly

I have faced a different scenario when there is an urgent need of materials while you will have limitation to produce due to lower slot or higher production time. So till you get specific items, you have to wait for some upgradation. The SimCity buildit hack to overcome the bottleneck is to go to the trading post.

The trading post is a useful marketplace where you can get items you desire and purchase them. This trading post shows that is placed on-sell by live players. Hence there is always material available, but you need to be cautious about the prices. But with SimCity buildit hack apk that is difficult to get.

10. Sale Your Items at a Time

The trading post is also another excellent SimCity buildit hack to earn Simoleons. Overproduced items can be the way to trade for some quick cash when you need them. You can make a lot of Simoleons if you can act smart.

Sell the lower-priced items at the lowest price but put high priced items close to the full amount. Be a Supermarket buy and use the trick of a small discount before posting your items for sale.

Place all the items for sale at a time and then place your advertisement. So whenever some other player comes, he will find all your items in sale ant might buy something different than his actual demand. Use these SimCity buildit cheats to get higher benefits from the trading post.

11. Follow Your City Journal

At the onset as a Mayor, you will face a lot of challenges, and you might get stuck on the tasks to do. There are an excellent SimCity buildit cheats that are made available to you through the gameplay.

You will find a city journal if you tap on to-do sign above your Gov’t building. It will provide you with a set of tasks, and that is step by step guide you’re your city expansion plan. Follow each set of task, and after you accomplish them, you can earn Simoleons.

12. Keep a Close Eye on Storage

City storage is another bottleneck that halts your expansion. You need to get items to keep upgrading your storage. Always keep a close eye on the items, and when you have sufficient quantity of each of them to upgrade, do not hesitate to increase the capacity. Keeping your population happy sometimes give you these elements as a reward. Check the bubbles on the residential zone, and you can collect any of these upgrading materials for free. Never use SimCity buildit free SimCash to improve your storage or land expansion.

13. Request New Plans

When you are upgrading the building, you might encounter this challenge. The upgrading material will cost you more than the amount you will earn from it. You can check both by tapping on the items. So in such a case, it is a bad deal as you will lose Simoleons. SimCity buildit hack to overcome it is to request for new plans. You have to wait for some time, but you will get an alternative and save Simoleons.

14. Dos and Don’ts for Your SimCity Cash

SimCity Cash is way expensive than Simoleons, and that should be spent very cautiously. Follow the simple SimCity buildit cheats below, and you can play without buying SimCash.

  • Use SimCash to get more slots in your factory.
  • Never increase slots for trade-depot unless you genuinely require. Items are sold very often so you can change them.
  • Never use SimCity buildit free SimCash to speed up any process.

15. Check the Deals Before You Buy

You will find deals pretty often in the game that will provide you items for buy or sell. Not all these deals are useful, and you need not do the deal. Check the prices and if you have a profit, then only go for it.

The SimCity buildit cheats that might be efficient is not to turn down any deal. Never say no, I don’t, instead, tap anywhere else, and the deal will remain. In this way, you might get some essential items in need when spending some more is a better deal than waiting.

16. Never Forget to Visit Daniels City Daily

Daniels City deals are the SimCity buildit cheats to get some unique elements at a lower price daily. You will get six items daily if you visit the city.

Playing with friends is the ultimate tips to grab the fun as well as get help in need. So, connect with as many players you want through Facebook and share SimCity buildit hack in between.


SimCity is the pioneer of simulation games which have inspired for the last four decades to generate similar games in both the Android and iOS market. The gameplay is straightforward, and hence it is relevant to players after five years of its release.

There are sites offering SimCity buildit mod apk, but those are fake- do not trust these hoaxes.

As a new gamer you might be struggling to use the SimCity buildit cheats to play the game and if my experience jotted above helps you in any means, share your comments below.

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