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war and order cheats

Best War And Order Hacks

A real time strategy game that has created fantasy among the android gaming community since a long time is War and order. You are the owner of the kingdom and every living, and the non-living elements of the domain are willing to do according to your directive.

war and order hack tool

Even they are ready to sacrifice in the War listening to your instruction. The storyline is similar to other base building and protecting the game. But the mixing of battle quest and strategy making is an essential part of standing as the winner of the world.

In this post, we will be providing you with the best War and order cheats, and tips that will be your companion at every War and sending any of the order.

Top 12 War And Order Cheats And Hack for 2019

1. Setting up your farm:

Setting up your farm is an important aspect to maintain your resources. However, there is an optimization required, as farming needs excellent time planning. It is not the concept that overall, it takes very long to manage your farm.

war and order farming

Setup Farms

It’s easier and quicker to abandon monsters on farms. Monsters take a lengthy time to farm, but the yield is excellent. Although you can operate more farms than monsters on many occasions.

Our War and order hack is to maintain at most nine firms. Some gamers prefer to have lesser, but in terms of managing it ideally, nine firms have been found suitable.

2. Construction Queues

To improve your base with more new structures and upgrades for current ones, participate in the construction queue. Buildings are needed to maintain your base at the pace, researching for a passive bonus, soldiers for fighting for you and exploring nations.

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The game arrives with a total of four queues in building, which become five later.  These construction queues should always be reviewed so that all runs smoothly and works correctly. These all components operate together, so keep a close eye on the queues.

Also, listen to your attendant, who will inform you immediately if you have an inactive queue anywhere.

3. Do not neglect College research

Even though the college appears to make small improvements for a lot of resources, it can’t be overlooked, and that’s why you should run various farms.

Gears like waist and the accessory that gives you construction velocity will provide you with the sturdy velocity bonus.

However, you need to prioritise your research depending on your strategy. You might set farming or military as a prime requirement. However, our war and order hack is development, and military tabs will be the tabs within the college where you spend most of your first moment.

4. Royal Challenge

As long as you reach level 30, the royal challenge will be the choice for a daily assignment. The troops necessary for the royal challenge are enormous, and they must also be high-level. In your squad, you must jointly have the greater strength of soldiers.

royal challenge

One of its awards is azurite, which is very valuable in the game. Therefore you must finish at least once a day the Royal Challenge.

war and order hack tool

Our War and order hack in this regard is; you must attempt royal challenge when you have every military at your disposal or right after registration.

5. Rebels Attack

Whenever necessary, the rebels attack must be carried out. In case you have an exemplary configuration to attack, you have to exceed the fighting strength of the defence forces to reach the next stage of the rebels.

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Twice a day, the rebels could be assaulted. Free beast products like Beast scrolls and chests comprise some of their benefits after the assault. The only means other than the regular assignments of the association to get these items is rebel assault. From level 10, the rebel attack can be made to get the reward, but you do not get each time the same benefits.

6. Spend Gems Wisely

Only your main castle generates the gems. So it is most important to note that you do not have war and order unlimited gems so you must spend them wisely. In this regard, our war and order hack is not to spend gems in any other way than in fights. Gems are not to be spent on speeding up of construction tasks.

Many players run down the stock of gems by spending them after speeding up. You should not use any gems for speeding up of building; you may use building speed up button instead. Same goes for the recruitment of troops and healing. Save healing speed for healing and use healing parties.

Instead, protect your gems for march speeding or defending sudden attack which needs an instant defence.

7. Connect with an Alliance

Those who are familiar with the gameplay of RTS games knows very well that associating an alliance is always an added benefit in these genres. A similar concept of how to hack War and order is applicable in this game also. You must join an alliance when you get that option.

alliance connect

The best thing to join an alliance is the instant bonus of 200 gems. However, you need to maintain the alliance rules and be cooperative in the game. As your fellow members can help you in need, you must also stretch your hands. Whenever you find a bird icon appearing on your embassy, you must know that some of your fellows are seeking help.

8. Hall of War

The Hall of War is a structure that needs jewels to be rehabilitated. It is worth to say that the hall of War level 34 will cost almost 22500 gems. It’s a large sum of a gemstone, but the hall is needed to manage troops at the time of War.

hall of war

Nevertheless, we have war and order cheats. Most of the part is not built before level 20. So manage with gems up to level 20 and after you join alliance seek assistance to create the hall of War from your alliance mates. In this way, you can save a lot of gems.

war and order hack tool

9. March management.

You should not ever populate all marches; this puts you unable to protect or assault shortly and is not appropriate for an individual playing for an “alliance.” You should be able to assist at all times. You also need the marches on your primary to hide your surplus military.

10. Get your beasts

Beasts are a compelling complement to the army and even have passive abilities, which can be utilised for great purposes. There it is good to know about these passive skills in details:

  • Pegasus

For players who have an attacking nature, must have Pegasus. They are instrumental in killing monsters in events like lake leviathan. Whereas without this beast, you might lose eighty per cent of your army health.

  • Panda

Pandas are the best defensive beast. When you have a more significant volume of the frontline army, then having a panda can give you a massive defensive bonus.

  • Dragon

The dragon will have more deaths on itself, and the damage is all right, but it doesn’t have any floor compared to the Pegasus and Panda. They can be used when you are working in a beast battle for a crown.

11. Follow the Quest

Next of our war and order cheats is almost similar in the gameplay of RTS genre games. It’s essential to pursue the quests and finish all of them if feasible, particularly in the early stages. Just press the left button at the top so that you can turn straight to your next goal.

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Looking past the quests, you can always stay focused and be familiar with the game while still gaining a lot of benefits, especially in resources. You need to be ready to bring on these PVP opponents, so make sure that by finishing quests you as well as the base remains updated.

12. The Merchant Boat

Marchant Boats are a good option in case you have some additional items that you believe not required in that quantity. While collecting resources, some of the things become too high in number that can be sold off in the merchant boat. Also, these are useful to remove some bottleneck of the requirement of resources.

There is an exchange feature, but the swap is essential when there is no alternative. You can exchange golden hammers here. But our final suggestion of War and order cheats is; never spend any gems in refreshing the boat. Instead, do the farming properly and get the majority of the resources.

Are War and Order Gems Generators Legitimate to Use?

Many websites are claiming that they have the War and order hack generator and can provide you with war and order unlimited gems. However, it is practically impossible to have any such thing, and these fake sites do not have a clue on how to hack War and order?

war and order hack tool

War And Order Generator

It describes why all websites that offer cheats of War and order use lengthy polls or pop-ups to trick individuals who are searching for war and order cheats of War and order and create cash out of them.

A few other sites are providing you with the modified game file of War and order, and that is known as war and order mod apk. However, this is simply a disrespectful act to the developers. When you are playing the game, you must have the original gameplay file, not some modified ones that are not from the original developers.

Stay away from all these generators and War and order mod apk and follow our list of cheats for War and order given below.

Bottom Words

At the end of the day, War and order is all about becoming the sole king of the world after defeating all the enemies. Our list of War and order cheats are helpful in all the spheres of the game. As you play the game, you will realise that these tips are genuine and aimed to boost you from any other player. So, kick off the game and hit the top leaders.

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